Senior Care


On-Sight Senior Care provides a single, comprehensive source for ancillary services to residents in nursing homes. We believe in every patient's right to high quality health care. That's why we have built a business committed to patient care. We believe there is no reason why the resident of an assisted living facility or nursing home can't receive excellent patient care right where they live. Our caring, local staff uses the latest diagnostic equipment and healthcare information to deliver the same patient care inside the resident facility as in a doctor's office.

Providing OnSight Senior Care to your residents sets you apart from other facilities. Fewer trips of off-site doctor visits keep your expenses down by decreasing transportation costs and staff hours. Furthermore, keeping residents on site reduces liability for your company.

It's simple...quality, comprehensive healthcare for seniors...delivered "On-Sight"

Our Clients Say...

Sunbridge of the Triad - After five months of evaluation and treatment of Sunbridge of the Triad UI residents by ONSIGHT Continence Care, significant changes in the QI report were noted. These reductions reinforce the positive impact a continence nurse practitioner can have in evaluating and treating residents with UI in long term care.

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